Torte Cakes is run by Beth: wedding cake specialist, dragon modeller, award winner, science geek. Originally hailing from the West Midlands, she moved to Manchester to go to uni. She did an engineering degree, she did a PhD, and then the cakes took over. As a creative person with a love of arts and crafts, but with a scientific mind and a love of logic and order, cakes are Beth’s perfect combination. Beth now resides in leafy Sheffield and creates all of her edible art from her black and white cake shop on Abbeydale Road, on the edge of the Antiques Quarter.


January 2011

After years of hobbying and months of planning, Beth launched her first cake business from her home kitchen in Manchester

April 2012

First time entering a cake into the prestigious Cake International. Swore we’d never do it again as it was too stressful. Entered the next time. And the next. Won silver each time though, yay!

August 2012

Received an enquiry from a chateau in France. To make a metre long replica of the chateau. And deliver it to France for a wedding there. Oh, and can the windows please light up. An amazing and pivotal moment.

October 2012

Created a dessert table for the MOBO Awards

April 2013

Guest teacher at The Cake & Bake Show at Manchester Central.

December 2013

Was named Master of Crafts for Food and Drink, judged (and taste tested) by The Balvenie and sponsored by Waitrose. The whisky-infused awards event was held at Somerset House. This was an awesome day!

March 2014

As a member of CakeBomb, we made a walk in edible jungle, complete with (almost) life sized elephant and Beth’s smoking hookah pipe. We were awarded Best Collaboration of the Year at the Cake Masters Magazine awards.

April 2014

Named one of the top 50 UK wedding cake designers by GoHen for the first time. *Polishes nails* We’ve actually held onto this title every year since.

October 2014

Made a cake for Paul Weller. As you do…

November 2014

Beth was awarded the prestigious title of Best Wedding Cake Designer in the North West. Oh yes!! This could only be voted for by real previous wedding clients so it meant a huge, huge amount. AND CakeBomb were at it again, making a full sized Grenadier Guard to raise money for The British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.

March 2015

Made “the sexy lady” cake. It was a saucy, full sized sculpture including edible undies. All in the name of art though, it was for the launch of Fifty Shades of Grey

Summer 2015

Beth met a lovely guy who lived in Sheffield. She’d heard nice things about Sheffield but hadn’t really been there. What could this mean? Well…

…fast forward to January 2017

Set up shop on Abbeydale Road. Torte Cakes was born and the rest, as they say, is history!