Love is in the air

It’s that time of year again! We kind of missed it last year as the shop had only just opened and we were still living out of boxes and suitcases after the big move from Manchester, so we didn’t get much time to put anything lovey dovey together.

Now we are well and truly settled in Sheffield, we thought it would be nice to join in a bit more this year. There were grand plans of mock ups and awesome photography in shafts of cool early Spring light…but January has been a whirlwind of consultations and emails and designing. And now it’s February (pinch, punch n’all that!) and our grand plans haven’t materialised. SO! We we thought it would be nice instead to show you our plans and sketches. A little behind the scenes peek at what will be available from next week.

Designing Valentines Day treats at Torte Cakes

Our sketches are our blueprints of what we will be offering, and we’ve put together a small range of classic treats with a modern look, and with a bit of something for everyone. Hopefully you’ll like them as much as we do!

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First up is our Language of Love range. Say “I love you” in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish, plus we’ve added little red fondant hearts and flowers for some classic Valentine’s cuteness. It’s a clean and fresh white fondant topper with black hand painted lettering on either a cookie or a cupcake, in Lady Victoria or Rouge Velour flavour for the cupcakes, and vanilla gingerbread for the cookies. Buy one, a sweet pair, or why not treat your other half to all six? Cookies are available in the shop from Wednesday 7th Feb, cupcakes are available from Friday 9th Feb. Want a particular flavour? Not a problem, just check out our menu to make your choice and preorder a box of all six cupcakes by dropping us a line on our Treats page!

Language of Love Valentines Day Cupcakes and Cookies

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Next up, show your loved one you care by giving them your last Rolo. The fact that we remember the cartoon ad campaign probably makes us old…but we think it’s incredibly cute and makes a great Valentine’s theme. Choose this for salted caramel cupcakes or cookies with a hand painted message and a real Rolo on top.

My Last Rolo Valentines Day cookies and cupcakes

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Wood You Be My Valentine? Ask with one of these beauties and the answer will definitely be “Yes!” We really loved creating Nicki and Ted’s wedding cake last year and were so pleased with the dark oak, barky effect with the carved monogram. So much so in fact that we’ve turned it into a series of cookies to match! Cupid’s arrow, I heart u versions are available over the counter in the shop OR for something really personalised, we can carve your initials into the heart. Awwwwww!

Wood You Be My Valentine monogram cookies

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And finally, some extra fun treats in the form of bags of Peppermint Pouts (peppermint creams in these fun and pouty lips shapes, and in some fun colours). Plus XOXO Macarons, where we’ve jazzed up our normal macs with some suitable Valentine’s messages on top.

Peppermint Pout sweets and Love Hugs XOXO macarons

Like the sound of these? Here’s our price list. All Valentine’s treats come either gift bagged or gift boxed, tied with a sexy red ribbon. Like the sound of these? You can place your order at the shop or via the form over on our treats page, or drop by the shop from 7th February to buy some over the counter.

# Language of Love or My Last Rolo cupcakes, £3. Giftbox of two, £6. Giftbox of six, £16
# Language of Love or My Last Rolo cookies, £2.50
# Wood You Be My Valentine cookies, £3.50
# Bag of five Peppermint Pouts, £2.50
# XOXO macarons, £2 each or three for £5

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Beth x
– – – – –