Drippy Cakes

Drippy Cakes

In summary: meticulously styled to casual perfection.

Yeah…they’re not as randomly put together as you might initially think, even the drips go where we tell them to. We love drippy cakes though, they have a real wow factor without being too fussy, and they look delicious. These cakes are great for any event, from birthdays to leaving do’s, kids or grown ups, it all starts with a colour scheme and a flavour. Want some extra details, such as a modelled figure, number or a topper? Not a problem, we can add them to the design.

Drippy cakes start from £65 for a 6” round cake that serves about 15 people. It might be our smallest size but by the time we’ve finished our dripification process, it packs a real punch, and the price includes lots of chocolate shard, sprinkle and candy excitement on top. These guys also look awesome with colour coordinated macarons on them. Why not add some on for just £10 for seven?

As with all celebration cakes, each 1” increase in size adds on 10 servings and £15 so if you need something larger, that’s not a problem. We can even make stacked drippy cakes!

If you think a drippy cake might be perfect for your party, drop us a line! Check out our menu as well, some people like their drippy cakes to match inside and out, others like a complete contrast. Let us know what you like the sound of and we can make some suggestions.




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